“There are 3 things that smell of fish” and more smelly songs

“Songs that smell” is a Spotify playlist created by Garmt Dijksterhuis, the members of NOSE and some of our music and/or olfactory interested friends. The list is publicly available and currently contains some 25 songs, ranging from Stinkfoot, via Some Skunk Funk, Smells like Nirvana and That Smell to Espresso Love, to name a few. It shows a wide range of musical, and olfactory, tastes. Made for your much needed entertainment in these difficult days of the crown. Wash hands, keep distance, stay healthy.

You can find it here (you need a Spotify account to listen to the full length songs):


Do you know more songs about smells, or with noticeably smelly references in the lyrics? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or contact Garmt Dijksterhuis!

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