Review papers on anosmia

Two other great reviews came out this month tackling different perspectives of anosmia.

“Anosmia – a clinical review”, is the result of Nose member Sanne Boesveldt’s clinical symposium at last year’s AChemS meeting, including a patient perspective on losing the sense of smell with information on Fifth Sense, a nonprofit advocacy organization for patients with olfactory disorders; an otolaryngologist’s review of clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and management/treatment of anosmia; and researchers’ review of recent advances in potential anosmia treatments from fundamental science, in animal, cellular, or genetic models. “Olfactory loss and regain:  Lessons for neuroplasticity”, by Johanna Reichert and Veronika Schöpf, describes anosmia from a neuroimaging perspective.

Boesveldt S., Boak D., Postma E., Welge-Luessen A., Schöpf V., Mainland J., Martens J., Ngai J., Duffy V.:. Chemical Senses 2017

Reichert J., Schöpf V.: Olfactory loss and regain:  Lessons for neuroplasticity. The Neuroscientist 2017 doi:10.1177/1073858417703910

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