NOSE-member Jasper de Groot wins Radboud Science Award 2023

NOSE-member Jasper de Groot (second to the right in the picture below) was honored to receive one of the prestigious 2023 Radboud Science Awards from primary school students and Radboud University Rector Magnificus José Sanders (on the right). As part of this esteemed recognition, Jasper had the opportunity to deliver an award lecture on his smell research to the enthusiastic school children. The Radboud Science Award, a highly coveted distinction, involves a rigorous selection process and is awarded annually to recognize the best and most significant research at Radboud University and Radboud UMC. This esteemed accolade not only serves as a mark of distinction but also empowers the recipient to translate their scientific breakthroughs into valuable learning and teaching materials for primary school students, in collaboration with the Radboud University Science Education Hub.

Jasper de Groot (second to the right) receives the Radboud Science Award from Rector Magnificus José Sanders (most right). Other winners were Harrie Oosterhuis (most left) and Suzanne Brouwer (second to the left)

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