Jorg Hempenius

Jorg Hempenius has 15 years of experience in the fragrance industry. He was first triggered by the impact of scent during his work as a coach for mentally challenged children. Creating soaps and other scented products with them he realised the enormous advantages of working with the sense of smell. 
Being in charge of a scent marketing agency he now creates unique context based scents for companies, individuals, universities and cultural institutions, taking care of the right intensity, aromatic quality and diffusing method.

His creations range from wild horse, to high end fragrances and food aromas, and have served to illustrate  musical recitals or have been embedded in scientific and scholarly research of the other NOSE-members and beyond.
Intrigued by the influence of scent on emotions and behavior, Hempenius has implemented scents in hotels, health care, car showrooms, amusement parks and many retail shops.

The work of this centipede includes:
– Creating and finding the best fragrances for the right contexts
– Working as an aroma DJ for the live scenting different events. (Scentman)
– Scenting spaces with different kind of scent machines. (Iscent)
– Participating in exhibitions and artistic events, mostly together with Caro Verbeek (Museums)
– Bringing the best fragrances to consumers. (Geurfabriek)