Jasper de Groot receives Niels Stensen grant

Recently, one of our members received a presitigious Niels Stensen Fellowship. Since the 1960s, the Niels Stensen Fellowship has been awarded annually to outstanding researchers who recently received their PhD to enable them to gain research experience at a top university or institute abroad. Jasper will conduct smell research at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA).

Jasper would like to solve one of the most compelling puzzles facing scientists today, according to Science, namely: “Do pheromones influence human behavior?” During his PhD on the social communication of human odors at Utrecht University, he developed a framework to explain how humans forge systematic (learned) associations between olfactory input and social information. The Niels Stensen fellowship enables him to assess this capacity, by combining his psychological expertise with professor Gottfried, MD, PhD his knowledge on odor learning and odor identity coding in the brain. The 12-month project will start in October 2017.


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