Funding for large-scale research into loss of smell and taste due to COVID-19

The Dutch health organization ZonMw has awarded funding for a large-scale study into loss of smell and taste as a result of COVID-19. During this research, the development of loss of smell and taste (anosmia) and olfactory distortions (parosmia) are examined. Little is known worldwide about this last symptom. The researchers are also testing whether prednisolone is an effective drug for the permanent loss of smell in the early phase of a COVID-19 infection.

The research is being conducted by a team of scientists and experts from Wageningen University & Research, UMC Utrecht, Amsterdam UMC, the Smell and Taste Center of Gelderse Vallei Hospital and patient foundation It’s the first time that such a large-scale collaboration in the field of smell and taste loss will take place in the Netherlands and the reactions are enthusiastic.

Dr. Sanne Boesveldt of Wageningen University & Research is happy with the news: “It’s great that we managed to achieve this with the team and that ZonMw recognizes the importance of research into the loss of smell. We can now start on short term, with the aim of better informing and hopefully treating the patient.”

The investigation is expected to start in October. From then on, patients can register. By clicking here you can read more about this project in Dutch.

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