About us

The Netherlands Olfactory Science Exchange is a multi-disciplinary enterprise that brings
together researchers, experts, artists, and organisations in the field of odour and flavour
perception and cognition. Its initiation was stimulated by The Netherlands Organisation for
Scientific Research (NWO) grant ‘Human olfaction at the intersection of language, culture and biology’.

Our aims are to:

  • inspire and fuel original thinking about olfaction
  • inform the public about the sense of smell
  • be a platform for discussions around applications of smell and taste
  • stimulate wide recognition of the importance of the sense of smell for human behaviour
  • increase the possibilities for scientific research into the sense of smell
  • encourage research collaborations across disciplines related to olfaction

NOSE is the first and only academic enterprise with an olfactory logo. Birthe Leemeijer created ‘Essence de Mastenbroek’ – the scent of a typical Dutch landscape – as a social invisible sculpture (see Dutch heritage smells for more information).

Chair: Sanne Boesveldt

Steering Committee: Monique Smeets, Garmt Dijksterhuis, Jasper de Groot, Caro Verbeek, Ilja Croijmans