A Taste of the Science of Eating

This post is a personal message from Garmt Dijksterhuis, NOSE member and author of the book ‘A Taste of the Science of Eating’:

“My 2017 book, in Dutch (“Hoe smaakt het?”), has been fully updated and translated into English. It will be published by Springer Nature Publishers in July 2024.

Over the last few years many international colleagues have asked me if an English translation would become available. Well finally you can get your copy! 

Its cover may look a bit pedestrian, but this is amply compensated for by its contents!

You taste with your tongue and smell with your nose, but how do they actually work? In this book you will learn more about the many aspects of taste and smell, about the interaction between food and the senses, but above all about the importance of psychology in tasting, smelling and food choice. Topics covered include the basic tastes and the search for basic odours, the taste and odour receptors, the use of flavorings and odorants, but also hearing and feeling food and the relationship between food and emotion. With this book you will better understand what makes good food tasty. “

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