A Nose For Life! Symposium in the honor of Ep Köster

NOSE (Netherlands Olfactory Science Exchange) is organising a special symposium honouring prof dr E.P. Köster for his role in instigating and developing olfactory psychological science in the Netherlands. Thanks to prof dr E.P. (‘Ep’) Köster, the Netherlands knows a long tradition and international reputation in olfactory research, with a focus on perception and behaviour. Many of his students are still active in related fields, often in a food, flavour and olfaction context, in companies and universities both in the Netherlands and abroad. The symposium (Friday 20th December, 15.30-16.30) takes place as part of the NVP (Dutch Psychonomic Society) ‘Winter’-conference (19-21 December, Egmond aan Zee, NL). See the NVP website for more details. Topics from olfactory perception science and related fields will be covered by prof Maria Larsson, dr Per Møller, dr Rene de Wijk, dr Garmt Dijksterhuis, and special contributions will be delivered by Caro Verbeek, Spyros Drosopoulos and Jorg Hempenius.

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