Women in Olfactory Science Symposium 2019

Women In Olfactory Science (WIOS) aims to create a network of women working in chemosensory science, to foster scientific collaborations, advance career perspectives, promote equal opportunities and inspire the future generations of researchers. After a very successful first event, it is now time for the 2nd WIOS symposium!

The Wageningen University (WUR) will host this event on May 24 and 25 2019!

With a keynote lectures by Rachel Herz, and a fantastic program filled with contributions from Linda Barlow, Bettina Pause, Ilona Croy and many, many more leading olfactory scientists, this is promising to be a fantastic event celebrating smelly science!

You can find more information, including the full program, by clicking here .

2 thoughts on “Women in Olfactory Science Symposium 2019

  • January 23, 2019 at 2:30 pm

    Hi – I contacted you last week. I am Chris Kelly, @smelltraining and @chriskelly151 on twitter. You retweeted a video I made with the BBC and Prof Hummel on smell training recently. I’d love to attend your event in May. Would that be possible? Thanks

    • January 23, 2019 at 2:42 pm

      Dear Chris, That is absolutely possible! I believe everyone is welcome to register and attend (WIOS is not a NOSE event). In case you have any questions about WIOS it would be best to contact Sanne Boesveldt directly.
      Although Sanne is current chair of NOSE, she is not administrating this website (Ilja Croijmans & Jorg Hempenius are), so this is not the best way to contact her. I’ve forwarded your question.
      Best, Ilja


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