Jasper de Groot

Jasper de Groot (1989) followed his Research Master’s in Social & Health Psychology at Utrecht University (cum laude), and went on to obtain a Research Talent Grant (from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) to conduct his 3-year PhD on “emotional chemosignaling”, the human capacity to communicate emotions from one individual to another via body odor. After finishing his PhD (2015, cum laude), he became a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Social, Health, and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University. Very recently, he was one of seven scientists to win a prestigious Niels Stensen scholarship, which enables him to conduct one-year research at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (starting October 2017). His publications appeared in top scientific journals such as (Perspectives on) Psychological Science and Trends in Cognitive Sciences. He also disseminates knowledge to patient populations (anosmics) and the general public (e.g., “Studium Generale”).