Ilja Croijmans

Ilja currently works as an Assistant Professor at Radboud University, in the persuasive communication expertise group at the Faculty of Arts and Centre for Language Studies, studying communication (including on smells) using diverse methodology, including (online) surveys and experimental psychology, machine learning, and psycholinguistics.

Before this, Croijmans studied how smells, including body odors, can influence our behavior as part of a post-doc project with Monique Smeets at Utrecht University, and he investigated how experience can shape how people talk and think about smells and flavors, as part of his PhD. Together with his promotor Asifa Majid and co-supervisors Artin Arshamian and Laura Speed, he investigated whether wine experts, having years of practice with perceiving and describing their olfactory experiences, can consistently describe wines. This contrasts the struggle novices often display when trying to name smells and tastes.

Taking a diverse perspective on the topic of olfaction, Ilja can frequently be found at perfume museums, vineyards, distilleries, and breweries around the Netherlands and the rest of the world, sometimes even acting as a brewery tour guide.

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One thought on “Ilja Croijmans

  • April 7, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    Beste Ilya

    Ik heb na corona enorm veel last van een vervormde geur en smaak.
    Zo erg dat ik niet weet hoe ik nog langer met deze viezigheid leven kan.
    Ik verlang naar advies.
    Met vriendelijke groet,


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